Toxic Work Environment

How do you survive in a toxic work environment? I'll tell you how, be authentic and attempt to change parts of the toxic culture you can affect. If that doesn't work look for a place that needs and appreciates your talents, because life is too short to spend your time...

How to Survive in a Toxic Working Environment

Toxic Effects Toxic work environments not only affect our work life but they also affect our home life and our relationships too. There have been many discussions on how to deal with working in a toxic working environment but I would like to challenge this topic from a different approach....

Get Prepared for Your Opportunity

I've often heard it said that it's better to be prepared than to be lucky because luck may gain you access to something but preparation and knowledge will help you keep it. The same is true with opportunity, many people sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to occur for...

10 Tips for Getting Your Dream Job in 2020

The new year brings the hope of new opportunities and change for many individuals. Many people are making New Year’s resolutions to do everything from getting in better shape to quitting smoking. But what about that old job that you have been working on for years that seems to be...
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